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Expert Research Solutions

AI experts

At Gnx Engineering, our research engineers provide cutting-edge AI services to companies looking to innovate and stay ahead in the tech industry. Our team of experts excels in developing advanced AI solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We help your business utilize the power of AI

Battery experts

Our team specializes in cutting-edge battery technology solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of companies across various industries. We are committed to helping businesses optimize their energy storage systems, improve efficiency, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of battery technology.

Data analytics

We are dedicated to helping companies excel through data-driven solutions. With a passion for problem-solving and analysis, we love delving into every challenge to provide effective solutions. Trust us to apply our expertise to analyze any problem your company faces and develop the best solutions to drive your business forward.


Innovating Battery Technoligy with AI

We, as research engineers, began our journey exploring innovations in battery technology and AI. Through dedication and teamwork, we have developed cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of scientific advancement.

Today, our commitment to excellence drives us to pioneer breakthroughs in the intersection of battery technology and AI. Our evolution from humble beginnings to a leading force in the industry reflects our relentless pursuit of technological progress.


Innovative Solutions for You

Expert Team

Our experts collaboratively pioneer breakthrough technologies to solve complex problems efficiently and effectively.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We harness the latest technologies to push the boundaries of research and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Dedicated Support

Our team provides unwavering support, ensuring seamless project execution and successful outcomes for every collaboration.


Innovative Research Techniques

We employ cutting-edge methodologies to tackle complex research challenges, allowing us to discover groundbreaking solutions.

Our team continually experiments with innovative approaches, pushing the boundaries to achieve unparalleled research outcomes.


Meet Our Research Team

Henrik Andersen

Battery and AI expert

We analyze data to provide insights for groundbreaking research projects.

Kun Qian

AI expert

We develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for advanced research applications.


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